Friday, September 07, 2007

Stand your ground

Our refrigerator was supposed to arrive Wednesday evening and be delivered on Thursday morning. Thursday came and went and we heard nothing. Friday morning was easing it's way out and still there was nothing. So I called. Our refrigerator did not arrive until today. Well that was okay, until he told me when they could deliver it. Sunday! Sunday morning no less when we are at church. Well, that was unacceptable.

He had many reasons why they could not deliver tomorrow. I of course, had a counter argument to why they definitely and would be delivering tomorrow. For example, when I asked him about the "next day" delivery, he told me that it was only for those appliances that were in stock.

My response: "It is in stock".

"Well, when we have delivers from our warehouse, we don't offer that."

"Really, the refrigerator was supposed to come in Wednesday night and be delivered THE NEXT DAY."

I also told him that our freezer was not working and we were losing hundreds of dollars on food and I couldn't buy groceries. (Just a slight exaggeration.) He finally asked me to hold and he would get the delivery manager. A few minutes later the original person got back on the phone. "We can deliver the refrigerator tomorrow." (Yes, I thought you would be doing that.) I told him great, and I even remembered my manners and told him thank you.

Don't mess with me. It won't be to your advantage.

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