Saturday, April 28, 2007

I had a little difficulty coming up with a picture for today's theme when my husband suggested I put up a picture of Juabite. After I rolled my eyes, he told me a little history about it and how he was involved. There are only about 20 of these specimens in the world. Now that's rare! This is a really good example of Juabite that my husband gave to his friend, Brent Thorne. Tim also gave a few to the Canadian National Museum who are the people who originally described the species.

Single triclinic crystal of juabite associated with lavendulan and parnauite from the Gold Chain Mine, Tintic District, Juab County, Utah. Collected by Dick Thomssen, recognized as unusual species by Tim Rose and XRD confirmed by Andy Roberts. Field of view, 0.5mm x 0.5mm. Brent Thorne specimen and photograph from Mindat Website.


Sue said...

Very pretty, and I agree rare indeed! Cheers from Toronto, and have a nice weekend .. :)

srp said...

Love the green colors... great idea for the theme today!

jmb said...

Well you should win the competition for the rarest item. amazing

deb said...

Lovely pic - Tim certainly knows his rocks, I mean crystals.

(Sometimes when I can't locate a pic, I go to Google and search public domain images until I find a good one, and use that.)

Oh, and the bug I got wasn't nearly as bad as what Kandy went through. I think that as it went from Katie to Kandy to me, it must have lost potentcy. No worries. You won't get it! At least not from me!

Incog & Nito said...

It's beautiful, very rare. Happy weekend.

Bengbeng said...

i think yrs is one of the few who showed a definitely rare item