Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Disney Land

Thirteen fun pictures from Disney Land

For the Thanksgiving break, we headed down to the L.A. area to visit with friends and to go to Disney Land. We had a great time and I wanted to share some fun pics with you. I tried to put these pictures up last month, but my computer kept crashing. So here they are now.

1. Kristin and I love the Grizzly River Run in California Adventures. There was no wait, so we rode it twice. It’s the best way to get wet.
2. Tim took this picture of Kristin sulking while waiting in line.
3. There was even rock climbing.

4. Screaming is lots of fun too.

5. The kids love to play in the water. We had to limit them though because it was starting to get cool.

6. Watch out for the crazy guy!!!

7. N is for Naughty or Nice....

8. It’s a Small World was decorated both inside and outside with holiday decorations. They lit it up at night and it was beautiful.

9. Tim’s good friend from childhood lives in Anaheim (that’s where Disney Land is for those who don’t know) and he always insists we stay with him when we head down there. Dave joined us at Disney Land on Saturday and we had a great time together.

10. In the middle of Tomorrow Land, is a giant ball that the kids can move around, while water pours down it. All the kids and grownups too, love to try rolling it around.

11. "What do you think it is?” Tim and Dave seem to be asking...
Tim, of course, had a different thought, but since I try to keep my blog family friendly, I didn’t want to put his comment on. Naughty boy….

12. “Are we done yet?” Ian can only take so much and when he decides he’s done, that's it!

13. We had a great time.

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Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Looks like fun. I used to live in Fullerton and I got so sick of Disneyland, but it has been about 3 years now since we've been there, so it might be time to plan a return trip.

Cat said...

I have a few thoughts about the ball as well, but I'll keep them to myself. As for the picture of Kristin sulking while waiting in line, I just have 4 words: LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU.

Turtles said...

Ha Ha Cat!