Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A glimpse into ADD

ADD has taken over once again. I try to get something done, I truly do, but I just go off into tangents. I'm very non-linear according to Tim.

I was thinking about a project for Tackle-it-Tuesday. When I put all the Christmas decorations out, I had to move the card table with the keyboard on it and all my baskets. I couldn't find a suitable place, so I stuck the table in front of a bookcase full of games and puzzles and piled everything on top of the table. Tim immediately hated where the table was, but since he had no better idea, just left it.

It's been bugging me and I decided to tackle it. Now in comes the ADD (ADHD for all those stuck on technicalities). First I wanted to put my baskets back on the shelving area above the staircase. I'd put up one or two already, when I remembered I had a big basket sitting on the floor of my room. In it was Ian's train that he didn't want anymore. Instead of just putting the train with the other pile of to go items, I decided I should put it together. Then Ian and I discovered we were missing a piece of the track, so of course we needed to look for it. Then I looked down and saw a basket with my candles in it and a pile of papers on top of it. Hmmm, I should put those in this other basket with a lid so I can rest things on top of the basket without anything falling in with the candles, then I can put the basket that held the candles on the shelf. Before I do that though I have to go get Kristin from school. Oh, let me check my email real quick and how about a game of solitare? or two? or three? Now I really got to go or I'll be late.

Are you laughing? I mean, it's pretty funny. How about just pathetic. I can be thinking of a task or item I must complete as I drive up into my driveway, but by the time I've gotten out of the car, walked to the front door and gone inside, I've forgotten what it was that I needed to do. Thus the reason I carry a planner around with me now. This is also why Tim bought me a recorder for Christmas. You see, I've got to remember to actually write things done and since I do a lot of thinking of things I have to do when I'm driving, it's a little difficult to write things down.

Now if I can figure out how to work the recorder....

By the time I had gotten home, the project was long gone from my head. It was another hour before I remembered what I was working on and headed upstairs to try and tackle it again. Is it done yet? Of course not! In fact I think I have made more of a mess. I put all the baskets away, except for the train basket and the candle basket, but let's not go there please. Then I put the keyboard on my bed, folded up the table and pulled all the puzzles and games off the bookshelf. The bookshelf I dragged downstairs where it waits for Tim in the middle of the living room floor, because I could not move the other piece of furniture that is in the way. Mean while, all the games are in the middle of the floor as well as the shelves.

No wonder Tim groans when I tell him I want to rearrange.


Brony said...

Hey, I've been there. Too many things not enough mind space.

I like the idea of the recorder. Me, I'd likely forgot to bring it or I did remember I'd leave it wherever I took it.

Hang in there and go with the flow.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is a case of ADD. I think, subconciously, you just didn't want to tackle a dull project so you found a way to play instead. I do it all the time. The mess will still be there for when you are ready for dull tasks. And I like the 'non-linear' reference. May have to use that on of my directors.

Cat said...

Ooops....I forgot to sign my name on the previous post. It was from Sis in Atlanta - CAT

Shane said...

I found you on "5 minutes for mom." I enjoyed this post. I have a 9 year old son who had ADHD as well. Stop by my blog sometime if you'd like: www.adhdguide.blogspot.com

Shane said...

You sound jus like my son! Thanks for visiting my ADHD/LD blog. I've been thinking of writing a post for adults with ADHD and you've inspired me to do it. Thanks again.