Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ready to be back...

After having been "gone" from the blogsphere for a few weeks, I'm ready to be back. It has been extremely difficult around here and I've had no energy and no enthusiasm for writing or sharing. We seem to be back on track now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Last week I went on paid family leave and what a difference. I had no idea how much of a difficult time I was having just trying to struggle with things at home and trying to be a good teacher at school. We have some challenges at school too and everything together was wearing me down. I definitely feel a sense of relief and I feel that I can really truly cope with things here. As much as you think you are holding things together, it takes letting go of something or someone pointing it out to you for you to realize you weren't being that successful.

I'm finally getting into the Christmas spirit. I've been shopping for family and currently my living room is a disaster area trying to wrap and get everything ready to ship. In fact that is going to be my Tackle-It-Tuesday today; Clean-up from a frenzy of wrapping!

If I'm going to be productive, I've better get going. It's good to be back!


Cat said...

'bout time you got back to the blog. Slacker.

Brony said...

Glad to have you back.