Monday, November 13, 2006

A switch

For a change, I have Kristin home with me. She's not often sick. She's had this rash on her face and it keeps spreading. At first we thought she was getting pimples, but each day more and more kept showing up. Then today she had another "flat" rash on her other cheek. She also doesn't feel well. So we decided to keep her home and take her to the doctor. I guess I should say I stayed home. I think Tim's only taken her once.

The doctor thinks she has most likely had a allergic reaction to some beauty product. Her friend and her like to take different lotions and creams and mix them together. They've come up with some interesting things. Kristin had applied one of these to her face on Wednesday and by Thursday or Friday the rash started showing up. The doctor told her to be very careful what she puts on her face.

She has always had sensitive skin. I remember one time when she about 3 she picked up this book that we kept the state quarters in. She broke out into an itchy rash. It was all over her stomach and chest. I was off at a mom's group and Tim had to call me to find out what to do. He gave her Benedryl and she was much better. About a month later the same thing happened. We threw the book out after that.

Hopefully, she will be much more careful what she places on her face. Experience can be a harsh but effective learning tool.


Brony said...

Hope the rash clears up soon.

Cat said...

Poor baby! I guess I know what NOT to get her for the holidays.