Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Hand Collected Minerals

Thirteen minerals my husband and I have hand collected

The mineral images seen below were downloaded from the website. We don't have the means currently of taking pictures of the small crystals that we usually collect. However, these images are very similar to the minerals in our collection.

Blogger is NOT cooperating with me, so you will have to wait for the pictures. I'm soooo bummed.

1) Olivenite from Majuba Hill, Nevada. Actually I found the vug and I pointed it out to him. We were collecting underground in an abandoned copper-tin mine.

2) Chalcophyllite from Majuba Hill

3) Clinoclase from Majuba Hill

4) Aurichalcite from the Hidden Treasure mine in Utah. Here is Tim in the mine.

5) Topaz from the Thomas Range in Utah

6) Austinite from Gold Hill mine in Utah

7) Artinite from San Benito County in California

8) Tetrahedrite from the Sunshine mine in Idaho. We went 5,000 feet underground in a working silver mine.

9) Carminite from Gold Hill mine

10) Hemimorphite from the Santa Eulalia district, Chihuahua, Mexico

11) Brochantite from Broken Toe Mine, Nevada

12) Azurite from the Centennial Eureka mine, Utah

13) Realgar from the Getchell mine, Nevada

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Brony said...

Do not Doodles get his hands on those. They would be gone. Good old Blogger. I can't even get my entry to post :(

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

that is incredible! what a hobby!