Monday, October 16, 2006

A Big Day

Tomorrow is Ian's annual IEP. I'm a little nervous about it, well, okay more than a little. His psychologist is going to be there too. Usually I'm not nervous, but so much has been happening with Ian that I'm not really sure what to expect. His doctors would like him to have an aide in the classroom and I agree. His psychologist would like him to be in a smaller classroom, but I don't want him in a special day class. I think having an aide would be the best because he could stay in the classroom, the aide could help him interact with the other children in appropriate ways and help him to stay focused and on task. If and when he has another panic attack, the aide can also help him to calm down. I don't know if the school will go for this or not, but I believe this is in his best interest as well as for the other children in the class and his teacher. I'm going to have to trust in God that everything will work out. I'm saying my prayers and keeping my fingers crossed.


Brony said...

I hope everything workds out. I think an aide is a great idea.

I will pray extra hard for you tonight.

Turtles said...

Thanks Brony!