Monday, September 04, 2006

No Laughing!!

I did it. I did the big no-no.

My son and daughter were playing checkers and he got mad at her for something she did that he didn't like. This happens quite a bit, he has just a "little" problem with playing games and being a good sport about it. She had run out of pieces to crown her men with and so she put a little yellow disk on top of her king and called him a cheese head. Well, Ian just couldn't have that and he wanted her to change it. She was laughing about it and being very good natured, but he had already gone to grumpy ville and wasn't to be cheered out of anything. He starts bitterly and loudly complaining to me about the same thing as Kristin tries to explain to daddy what happened. Ian lost it, walked over to the board, picked it up knocking all the pieces off and puts it on his sisters head. I bust up! I couldn't help it! It was just hysterical. He is sooooo dramatic!

I know, a big no-no to laugh at your child when he's done something wrong. And the worst part, I couldn't stop, even as I'm trying to be all stern. Poor Tim had to take over for me. Now Ian's upstairs destroying his room.

I suppose I'd better go talk to him, but I gotta wipe this smile off my face first.....


Brony said...

Your right, sometimes it is so hard to laugh at them. I too have caught myself needing a moment before taking on the disciplinarian role.

Sometimes laughter is contagious - I've also thought that maybe one day my boys will catch on and stop being such a grump. That was cute. Although I have to say I think that song will be stuck in my head all night.

Carmi said...

Sometimes, it's difficult to keep our laughter in check when our kids do something completely over the top. They're just darn cute, aren't they!

I like your honesty in your writing about parenthood. It's refreshing to read, and I look forward to reading more.