Monday, September 04, 2006

I am such a Geek!

I've been doing a lot of organizing and sorting this weekend. I've been looking for a certain piece of paper that a party we are in litigation with supposedly sent to us. Even though neither my husband nor I ever remember seeing this paper, I thought, "It never hurts to look again". Nonetheless, I haven't found this paper, but I did find some other very interesting things.

I was searching through a large drawer in my desk where I put all my misc computer equipment and cords to various electronic devices. At the very bottom what should I find? Star Trek Stuff!! Right before I had my kids, I went to every single Star Trek function that was even remotely close to me. Thankfully, the "big" one was in L.A. and very easy to go to. I have signed pictures from almost every original Star Trek cast member as well as personal pictures of me with them. I even found trading cards, from a bubble gum pack of all things. How geeky is that?

I can't believe I kept all this stuff. My husband thinks they are probably all collectors items by now, but I really don't care. Looking at all the memorabilia brought back so many memories. I had a great time looking at everything and laughing. My husband was more than amused by me, but hey he married me.

Can everyone say "You are such a Geek!"

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Brony said...

Geek you are, but hey I say there is a little bit of geek in everyone.

Thanks so the link to my site.