Friday, August 11, 2006

Why, Why, Why?

Why can't I remember anything?! Why, why, why? I totally missed a doctor's appointment today. Ususally I remember such things. I just made the appointment last night. Maybe that's why I forgot it, I made the appointment late in the day yesterday and I haven't had enough time to remind myself about it. Usually I do this by looking at the calendar many, many times. Maybe I forgot about it because I don't really see the need for it and was only going because my doctor wanted me to come in. It's a psychological issue, see. Maybe its because I haven't been feeling well and neither has my daughter, we both stayed home today, and now my schedule is all out of whack. But either way, it is bug, bug, bugging me.

I know why this has happened. Was it last month or two months ago? I can't remember, but I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Not just mild ADHD, but moderate to severe ADHD. Now I suspected this for quite a while, but I was taken off guard when she said moderate to severe. I was thinking, maybe, mild, but not severe. First thing I did was to call my husband and apologize. Do you know what he said? "Honey, I've been with you so long, that I'm used to how you are. It doesn't bother me and you don't have to apologize." Isn't he the best!

As for the doctor's appointment.... I called them and profusely apologized for missing the appointment. They wanted to reschedule me, brave aren't they, but I told them again how I didn't think the appointment was necessary. Finally, they got it and put the doctor on. All I wanted was some help with remembering things, I'd already had this conversation with the doctor, and the psychologist had already given the doctor her recommendations. I just needed the prescription. Well, wouldn't you know it, but the office staff totally screwed up the message and told the doctor I wanted to change the dosage I was on. Kinda hard to do that when I'm not even on the medicine. Once we got that straightened out the doctor readily called in the prescription. Hah! Told you I didn't need no stinkin' appointment!

Why don't they listen.....

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