Friday, August 11, 2006

Thanks Ian!

I love my son! Truly, truly! However, there are some things I could definitely live without. For example, he came home this past weekend with a cold and he decided to share it. Not just with me, but with every single member of the family. First it was daddy, then me and now Kristin. Thanks so much for sharing Ian! His response...."I love you mom, I love to share things with you so much". You don't need to share a cold honey. Normally I wouldn't be bothered so much with a summer cold, but it had to occur during the only two weeks of summer school that I happened to be teaching? Thus I missed yesterday, and I have to miss today, the very last day of summer school. I'm sure if the parents knew, they'd be glad I wasn't at school too!

I love to participate in the Thirteen Thursday, but I was just too sick. Look for it next week, everything and everyone should be okay by then. Anyways, I slept in until about 12:30 in the afternoon. That really helped. Thankfully, the kids are old enough to hang out and entertain themselves..., well mostly. Kristin was content just laying on the couch, but Ian! Oh boy! Tim thought Ian should stay home and rest. Next time, Tim can stay home with him, I'm going to work! He was running all over and yelling his head off. Jumping on the couch and ruining Kristin's carefully built fort. I sent him to school/summer camp today. Let him burn off his energy there! Ah, now for some peace and quiet.

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Mama Duck said...

Agh. We're sick here too :P. Get better soon!!