Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thirteen Things I love, appreciate and adore about my husband Tim

Tim felt a little left out last night. He went to check out my blog and noticed I didn't have a picture of him up and I forgot to mention him in my little blurp. Actually there was quite a bit I hadn't mentioned, YET. I was saving it for my next Thirteen Thursday - 13 things to know about me and my family. I felt bad! So, honey, this is for you....

1. He has put up with me for more than 19 years and still loves me. That's saying alot. Just ask my family.

2. He still likes to go out on dates with me.

3. He likes to cook! I hate cooking.

4. He even does the dishes!

5. He keeps me in check. He very nicely and delicately reminds me when I'm starting to lose my temper at some poor hapless soul.

6. He helps me keep focus. Which I really need help with since I have ADD.

7. Without him, we would never have had our two beautiful children.

8. My fondest memory of him is when my daughter was just born and I was trying to figure out how to breast feed her. He read out loud, from a book on nursing, how to hold the baby, get her to latch on and to nurse. He didn't even run away, but was very patient.

9. He has always been there whenever I needed him.

10. He still brings me flowers, just because.

11. He is a geologist and a chemist. When asked by the kids school, if he could do a presentation on geology, he not only said yes, but made up 4 flats of minerals for the kids and the teachers to keep in their classroom for as long as they wanted, and then stayed and answered all of the children's questions.

12. He goes to all of the kids weekend activities, even in 100 degree weather.

13. Without him, I would be lost!


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Pass The Torch said...

What a beautiful tribute to your husband! That is so wonderful!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on my post today. I hope you'll consider submitting a post for the Pass the Torch contest!

deb said...

Your post just makes me wanna say,


Tim is a very sweet guy. What a catch! Treat that man nice!


PS: We got our A/C fixed the day after you came back from Oregon. Of course, the weather has been so cool we don't use it! Thank goodness.


Susan Stephenson said...

Your Tim sounds like a wonderful dad and role model. I linked to your blog from your post on mine. You're my second ever visitor! Thanks for taking the time.

Cat said...

Turtle is my sister and I can vouch that Tim is a very patient, nice, man. In fact, he's a Saint for putting up with you so long!! Ha ha. Love ya.