Saturday, August 05, 2006

San Francisco - Here we come

Today we headed off to San Francisco to check out the Mineral show at the flower pavilion. We checked out the mineral displays and then visited the different mineral and jewelry dealers. There was so much to look at. We could have spent hours and hours in there. After finally deciding we’d spent enough time at the mineral show, we headed over to the Japanese Tea Gardens. Tim and I hadn’t been there in years and years and the kids had never been before. The kids loved all the winding paths and the stone bridges were their favorite. There was even a bridge in the shape of a paddle wheel, semi-circle of course, which the kids could crawl over. It was a beautiful and perfect day in San Francisco.

My favorite part of the trip, though, wasn’t the mineral show or the Japanese Tea Gardens, but the children. Even though Kristin gets very irritated by her brother at times, and they fight just as all siblings do, she was so patient and caring today. The kids stopped at each and every mineral and jewelry display case at the show. Kristin pointed out all the mineral specimens to Ian and she bought to his attention any and all interesting pieces. When he couldn’t see, she picked him up and held him for as long as he needed. She read the captions to him when he couldn’t and helped him to pronounce the words when he needed help. She gently guided him among all the people and the displays, pointing out this mineral and that, and any that he might like. Ian calmly followed her and listened to every thing that she said. There wasn’t one argument or fight between them the entire time we were in San Francisco. In fact, they haven’t had a fight or argument all day, just peace and kindness and love for each other.

Children have so much to teach us, we just need to listen.

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I just love to see children helping their siblings. It is so beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.

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