Friday, August 31, 2007

Refrigerators, Refrigerators, Refrigerators, Oh My!

Our refrigerator has died. Well, almost anyways. Our freezer is not freezing any more and all our food has defrosted. We were finally able to get a repair man out yesterday. The compressor is not working and there is only a small portion of gas remaining. It is very expensive to fix a compressor so we need to buy a new refrigerator, not that they are inexpensive either. Arrrghhhh....

I did some research on the web and decided that bottom freezers are the way to go. They are relatively inexpensive and they are the least expensive to run. They even have the official Energy Star label. After much searching on the web and at the various stores within our vicinity, we finally found one at Lowe's. We spent a little more than what I was planning on, but if we have to buy a new one, we might as well buy one that will last and have the features we want. We bought a Whirlpool Gold. It has an ice maker and a water dispenser. This made Ian very happy as he will only drink cold water and he prefers to have it from the fridge. I'm hoping this will cut down on the consumption of bottled water around here.

The bad part is they didn't have it in stock and they had to order it. They are hoping it will be in next Wednesday. I'm bummed, but our food in the freezer is ruined anyways, so what's a few more days? At least the refrigerator part is still working.

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