Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A new blog?

I've been tossing around the idea about starting a new blog. While looking for Hope is more of a personal blog, I was thinking about starting a blog about special needs and information and resources for parents. This is a topic I care very much for and I really want to help educate parents and educators about special needs and thus in turn help the children.

What pushed me to seriously consider doing something about it? I found an article blogging essential for a good career on Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist. She says that blogs help to get your name out there and can help you to be recognized as an expert in your field. One of the things Penelope mentioned was keeping your blog separate from your personal blog. Intermingled though out Looking For Hope has been information about autism, genetics, mental health, down syndrome, etc. as well as personal thoughts about my life and my family's life. I think separating the two would be a good idea and that creating this new blog would help me toward my goal of being recognized as a specialist in educating others about special needs.

What do you think? Looking for hope can stay as my personal journey while the new blog can be geared toward helping parents and educators. Any thoughts?


julie said...

I would be reading about the link you posted. I am thinking too of separating both, personal and professional even before I got a hosting site.


Brony said...

I too have thought about that. I wonder how easy it is though to be picked up as an expert. It boils down to experience and credibility.

You hope to be seen as an expert, in part what makes you an expert is your personal journey. So, you need to decide: what do you hope to speak/write about and will your story be apart of that?

In the end for me, I've decided not to do two blogs. I want people to know who I am as a person, and to see where it is that I gain my insight and my knowledge. Will I ever grow to be the writer and speaker that I hope to be? Who knows, but I think more importantly than any blog is the slef promotion that you do and the contacts that you make. From there, you can point the people in any direction.