Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Today we had to put Mocha down. His cancer was spreading and he was losing weight. We didn't want him to suffer. I told the kids that today was the day and to take the rats out this morning and play with them and give Mocha extra love. Kristin and I have been crying off and on this morning. Ian doesn't seem to really understand. When I got home he asked where Mocha was. I tried explaining again.

Mocha really enjoyed the romping around and the extra attention from the kids. He loved to be tickled and to be held. We will miss Mocha very much. He was very loved. Goodbye Mocha...

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Cat said...

Waahhhh....I, too, cried after Kristin told me about Mocha. He was a sweet rat and I'm happy I got to meet him and play with him. Hugs to Max, as I know he's missing his brother.