Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ahhh, the fair...

Yesterday we went to the Alameda County Fair. It was a beautiful day! We couldn't have asked for a better day, the temperature was warm, but not too hot and there was a cool breeze. The kids did great and there was only minimal arguing between the two.

All four of us had entered something into the fair and that was fun to see. It was a little difficult looking for the kids art projects, but it was a great chance to see all the different types of art done by children in the area. Ian entered a drawing through school and earned a 5-8 participation ribbon. Kristin entered a painting on her own and won third prize. Both Tim and I entered a hobby case. I won first place as did Tim and he also got best of the show. He was quite surprised. I wasn't. He did a beautiful job. He should be more confident of his abilities, but he won't listen to me. He'll have to discover it for himself.

We then headed down to the little kids rides and the kids rode several, even Ian. Usually we can only get him to ride one very slow ride, but he was willing to try different ones this year. Kristin and I rode the Ferris Wheel and that was fun. The only nerve whacking time was when we stopped at the very top. I'm getting old in my age. Ian of course didn't like us on it. I don't know what he thought was going to happen. Of course we were fine.

On the way out we stopped to see the animals. Ian had never seen the cows up close before and seemed fascinated though a little scared of them. We looked at the pigs and the sheep and the goats. There were two goats that were very, very talkative. They kept saying "baa" over and over. Ian said "They really do say baa!"

The fair was alot of fun this year. If you have a chance you really should head on over there. It's in Pleasanton and it goes until July 8th. Wednesday they will have fireworks.

Happy July!!

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