Sunday, June 03, 2007

Book Club

Today is book club. I look forward to this day every month. We usually get together on the last sunday of the month, but because of Memorial day we are getting together tonight.

The book we read this month is "The Sunday List of Dreams" by Kris Radish. I know there are a few of us who did not like it. Sometimes it was interesting, but other times, I just had to put it down. It could really drag at points too. I'm 3/4 quarters of the way through, but I don't think I'm going to be able to finish it. It just isn't capturing my interest. I'll let you know what the others say.

Next month our book is "Suite Francaise" by Irene Nemirovsky. It starts in Paris on the eve of the Nazi occupation of 1940. As the residents flee the city, human follies take place in almost every imaginable way. The Parisians now must learn to coexist with the Germans in a provinical village; In their hearts, in their homes and in their lifes.

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