Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back to school...slowly

Last week we started transitioning Ian back to school. He spent an hour in class both Monday & Tuesday afternoon. The class watched a movie and we wanted to show Ian that school can be fun too. He was excited and wanted to come back. His friends were very excited to see him and he had two playdates this past weekend. He went to his friend's house for one of the playdates even though he was very nervous. He hadn't been to a friend's place without me in a while. When Tim and I arrived to pick him up an hour and a half later, he wanted to stay for longer. I was very pleased.

This week, we took Ian back to school again for an hour on Monday and Tuesday. This time they were going to be working on a volcano project involving cutting, pasting and writing. Ian was excited to go, until we actually got there. Then he got anxious. It did not go well in class.

We tried again yesterday, but this time I stayed with him. It went much better. In fact he wanted to come back today, but they are getting ready for conferences and we aren't having one for Ian. At Ian's school, the children lead the spring conference. I don't know if they do that elsewhere, but it was a novelty for us.

Next week we are going to expand the time he is in class. Resource will come in three times a week to act as an aide for him and when they are not there, I will.

He's excited, he's friends are excited and his teacher and I are pleased.


deb said...

So, I can't recall... but weren't you looking into a specialist for Ian at - what was it? - Stanford?

What happened with that?

Step by step, and all of you will manage. How is Kristin doing?



Brony said...

That's great that you are doing things slowly. It's also wonderful that the school is so willing to work with you.

I feel like poor Mr. Magoo is stuck in the middle. He needs help, but not enough help to get help. To top it all off, his teacher thinks that I spend too much time at the classroom.