Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen ways I'm going to celebrate my Birthday

Thirteen ways I'm going to celebrate my birthday

Saturday is my birthday! Yea! So my Thursday thirteen is about the 13 wonderful great ways I'm going to celebrate my birthday.

1. I'm going to sleep in and I'm not going to get up early no matter who wakes me up!

2. I'm shippin' the kids off to their aunt for the rest of the weekend and maybe my hubby will take them, so I can sleep in even more!! Yes, I'm planning on being very lazy.

3. I'm going to take a nice long leisurely shower with no interruptions.

4. I'm going to have a manicure and a pedicure.

5. My hubby and I are going to go wine tasting at all the wonderful local wineries that we never get to go to.

6. I'm not going to study for my class.

7. In fact, I'm not going to do any research into any disorders, special needs or advocacy.

9. I'm going to celebrate my birthday all weekend long!

8. I'm going to go shopping!

10. I'm going to read a good book, just for the pleasure of it. No science journals or articles!

11. My hubby and I are going to spend a nice quiet dinner with each other and if we feel like it maybe we'll go see a movie, maybe we'll just stay in and cuddle.

12. I'm going to end my birthday weekend, Sunday by going to book club with my friends and just spending time talking and drinking wine and maybe discussing the book.

13. I'm going to relax, but I really, really need some time off duty!

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Brony said...

Great list. I hope you follow through on all of them.

Happy early birthday.
Happy TT!