Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thirteen Things about how your kids can drive you up the wall

My children were driving me bonkers today, so I thought I'd blow off some steam with today's Thursday Thirteen. Normally they are very sweet and helpful, but there are those days....

1. All of a sudden, without prior knowledge they don't like their favorite foods. In our house it went like this: "Let's have _____ for dinner." "I don't like that." "What do you mean you don't like that? You've always liked that." "No I don't." "Since when?" "Since always. "You used to ask for this all the time." "Well, I can change my mind." True, you can, but tonight? I need more ideas for recipes.

2. You're trying to get work done on the computer. "Can I play a game?" "Not right now I have to finish this." "When will you be done?" "It's going to take me awhile." "Are you done?" 5 minutes later, no make that 2 minutes... "Are you done?" Sigh...

3. You're exhausted, but they can't sleep.

4. They wake you up in the middle of the night to tell you about a nightmare and proceed to tell you about it for several minutes. Then they get mad at you because you fell asleep!

5. They can't find their shoes, their backpack, their lunch box, you name it when there are places for those things that have never, ever changed the entire time they've been in school.

6. You send them upstairs to brush their teeth "quickly, so we can leave" and they "disappear" for 10 minutes, but no teeth have been brushed.

7. Why do they have to take my toothpaste (which is the same as theirs), leave it in their bathroom and then brush their teeth in my bathroom? Weren't they just here?

8. They lament about how they have to get up early every day and they can't wait till Saturday so they can sleep in and when Saturday actually comes, they wake up at the same time as always and then get mad at you for sleeping in.

9. They leave their things everywhere and give you a look when you ask them to pick up.

10. You put their things on the stairs for them to pick up when they go upstairs and they walk right by. "Could you please take these things upstairs with you?" "What things?"

11. They beg to have a certain friend over, and they fight with them the entire time they're here. Why?

12. They ask for a special day with you and when that day comes, they'd rather play with their friend.

13. They know where your secret stash of candy is and raid it. Hey, that's mine for when I'm stressed out and need a chocolate fix!

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Brony said...

Boy I feel for you. We all have days like those. I couldn't help but laugh a little as I read it. That hopeless feeling that sets in.

Hope things get better. Breath and hold on to the things that you love about them.

Happy TT!

amy said...

hope things get better. we are adopting next year and I am looking forward to some of that, just not the stress

LaShawn said...

#1 is a current fight in our house as well. I think it is they hear kids at school saying that they don't like some things so suddenly they don't like them.

Good list!

Tinker said...

funny! matter what you still have to love them! soon they will be out the door