Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Thirteen Things about Down Syndrome

1. Down Syndrome is a chromosome abnormality, usually due to an extra copy of the 21st chromosome.

2. Down Syndrome is the most common genetic condition. One in 733 babies is born with Down Syndrome.

3. 80% of adults with Down syndrome live to be 55 years of age and many live longer.

4. Down Syndrome is a developmental disorder.

5. Individuals with Down Syndrome have a higher incidence of certain medical problems such as congenital heart defects, Alzheimer's, and Leukemia.

6. 80% of children born with Down syndrome are born to women younger than 35.

7. Most people with Down syndrome have IQs that fall within the mild to moderate range of retardation. Children with Down Syndrome are definitely educable and have been included in regular academic programs around the country.

8. Among the most common traits of Down Syndrome are low muscle tone, a somewhat depressed nasal bridge and a small nose, an upward slant to the eyes,an abnormal shape of the ear, and an excessive ability to extend the joints.

9. Most people with Down Syndrome have some degree of cognitive disability and development is often delayed.

10. The behavioral changes in children with Down Syndrome are not all that different from normally developing children, they just may occur later and last longer.

11. Most children with Down Syndrome communicate from birth with crying, looking and gesturing. Many don't say their first word until between the ages of two and three, though this may vary depending on the child.

12. Research on Down syndrome has made great strides in identifying the genes on chromosome 21 that cause the characteristics of Down syndrome. Many scientists feel that it will be possible to improve, correct or prevent many of the problems associated with Down syndrome in the future.

13. Occupational Therapists, speech and language pathologists, and physical therapists play an important role in helping the child.

Information for the above list came from National Down Syndrome Society
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Brony said...

Very informative. Thank you for that.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

thanks for the info. that was very helpful.

I love the sweet spirit of people with Down syndrome - it is like the never lose that carefree wonder of childhood - they seem closer to Heaven somehow.