Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Plethora of Pictures

I've been wanting to put up various pictures of us, but couldn't quite figure out the best way. So I decided I would create another blog with just pictures. It's called A Plethora of Pictures. I hope you will visit. I'd like to do a slide show on the sidebar of my main blog. If you know how to do that, could you please let me know how? I'd greatly appreciate it.

By Dr. Suess: I like nonsense; It wakes up the brain cells.

Me too!


Brony said...

Great photos.
Don't you just love trying to figure out all this blogging stuff?

Cat said...

Where is Phoebe? Do you still have her? I love the black cat but can't remember her name for the life of me! Remember when Sheba knocked your birthday cake over a couple years ago. That was a great cat. But I know she's with Dad and Dog.

Turtles said...

We still have Phoebe, it's just hard to get a good picture of her. Our other cat is Tinkerbell. I still have pictures of the turtles and the rats to put up too.