Sunday, August 27, 2006

Swimming with the fishes....

Have you ever swam with the fishes? I'm sure if you have done any scuba diving, you most likely swam with at least a few fish. Years ago when I was in Hawaii I went scuba diving. I saw the most amazing fish, but I'll tell you that story some other time. What I want to know now is not if you have swam with the fishes, but have you ever slept with the fishes? Slept? Yes, I truly mean slept!

Friday, I took my girl scout troop down to Monterey Bay Aquarium for a sleepover. It was amazing! They had all sorts of different activities for the kids to do. They had a Kelp Forest Dive show and then you could meet the diver, they had talks about the different exhibits and then a Rally Round-up Game Show where the kids answered questions about the areas they had explored. Then they had bedtime stories and a late night show about the Living Sea for those night owls. You could do as many activities as you wanted or just explore the aquarium. We decided to do a little bit of both.

The best part of the trip was exploring the aquarium at night. Some times it was only my small group in the exhibit area, sometimes we were with some of the other groups, but there was no crowding and plenty of space to see what you wanted. The Jellies were amazing to see at night! I loved how quiet it was.

When we finally went to sleep, we slept underneath the anchovies display. This display is over your heads and the fish circle over and over. It was very calming to fall asleep to.

This trip was truly, truly amazing! If you have a group, you must do this! It was a great experience and all of us enjoyed it very much.


Pass The Torch said...

What a wonderful experience!!

Brony said...

It sounds like an amazing night. It's moments like those that we need to cherish forever.